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Lavender and Farm Fence

I took this photo on a visit to the White Oak Lavender Farm, which is a delightful place to visit. Travelers can clip lavender to take home, cuddle … [Read More...]

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5 Home Businesses You Can Start for Free

Concerned about having alternative revenue streams in case your company folds? Hoping to transition to a work-at-home job, but need a certain amount … [Read More...]

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Learn How to Successfully Teach Anywhere in the World with My New E-Book!

I get asked about international teaching so often, I’ve literally lost count of how often I have the discussion during any given month. The truth is, it isn’t so much landing the gig – although … [Read More...]


7 Things to Look for When Choosing a Business Hotel

  Travel lots for business? If so, you’re surely aware that not all hotels are created equal. I’m not talking about luxury hotels necessarily, although they certainly do tend to come with … [Read More...]

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An Interview with Dollar Stretcher’s Gary Foreman

Those of us in the personal finance writing community all know Gary Foreman. He’s been around since the beginning of the affordable living craze and always takes the time to be gracious with his … [Read More...]

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Market Your Writing with High-Quality Photographs

If you’re trying to make your mark in writing, it doesn’t take long to learn that being able to offer high-quality digital images with your article packages will increases your chances of a sale … [Read More...]

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Working from Home Brings Flexibility and Lifestyle Shift

When many people achieve their dream of working from home, and begin to benefit from the scheduling flexibility it provides, they are unprepared for the lifestyle shift that occurs when one moves from … [Read More...]

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Having Trouble Navigating Your Finances?

If you’re having trouble navigating your personal finances, you’re not alone. Many people feel lost when it comes to searching for ways to save money. There are however, a few simple strategies … [Read More...]