Having Trouble Navigating Your Finances?

If you’re having trouble navigating your personal finances, you’re not alone. Many people feel lost when it comes to searching for ways to save money. There are however, a few simple strategies for navigating your way towards greater financial freedom.

Find a better grocery groove.                             

For most people, the most immediate and flexible way they can begin to carve out extra cash is by finding more room in their grocery budget. Embracing cheap food doesn’t have to be boring or short on nutrition. Many of the most affordably-nutrition food items are often overlooked by home cooks who are unaware of the flexibility they offer. A creative collection of split pea recipes and learning more ways to cook with cauliflower for example can go a long way towards expanding your dinner repertoire with menu items that range from roasted cauliflower steaks to split pea falafel.

Learn how to power shop.

No, I’m not talking about maxing out your credit card on the latest shoe styles from Gucci. I’m talking about treating the purchasing process you use for your household expenditures like the job it is. If you approach your shopping needs from this perspective, you’ll be amazed at the savings opportunities you’ll discover. From finding savings percentages that rival stock market ROIs with various bargain shopping methods to bulk buying with precision, developing mad shopping skills will help you out greatly on your road to financial stability.

Keep your business on a budget as well.

It’s no secret that having even a smaller, sideline business is a great way to gain tax deductions and earn additional income that can range from a bit of extra cash to a full salary. The trick however, is in not overspending in the excitement of starting your own freelance gig. A few budget strategies for business owners include creative control of cash flow, avoiding unnecessary office supplies and knowing when to outsource.

Approach business travel with organization and accountability.

Even with the best of intentions, keeping track of receipts on the road while meeting all of your other professional obligations can seem like an insurmountable task. Rainy dashes to the taxi cab, food cart lunches on the fly and more can make building an expense report a major ordeal. Setting aside catch up time each day to get your paperwork and purchase notes in order will help you feel more in control. So will finding a money app or two that meet your unique needs. Being able to catch up on a few reporting tasks from your smartphone enables you to use transportation time as efficiently as possible.

Navigating a new budget might be challenging, but it’s far from impossible. Using these four tips will get you well on your way, and leave you feeling more in control.

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