Llamas at the Otavalo Animal Market

These picturesque llamas were photographed on a daytrip to Otavalo, Ecuador from the capital city of Quito. Our first stop was a geological park where visitors can stand on the actual equator with a phenomenal view of a snow-capped volcano and the surrounding pastoral landscape.

The second stop was the animal market which is a great place to visit, grab some salt-of-the-Earth photo ops and gain a sense of what life is like in this part of rural Ecuador. From there we hit the indigenous craft market which has been a center of trading for hundreds of years.

While there were other nearby shopping stops, including a village with custom-made leather goods, we opted for a more sedate afternoon of lunch and agritourism at Hacienda Pinsaqui, a centuries-old Spanish mansion that is now a restaurant and boutique hotel offering a serene countryside location, horseback riding and quiet reflection.

Photo Credit: This image was photographed during a TrekHound.com project and is currently available  in a certain size, along with other pictures of Otavalo through a creative commons agreement with Pictures of Travel Places.