Learn How to Successfully Teach Anywhere in the World with My New E-Book!

I get asked about international teaching so often, I’ve literally lost count of how often I have the discussion during any given month. The truth is, it isn’t so much landing the gig – although there are critical strategies you need to implement for that too – as it is knowing how to function at a school which may or may not have even the basic supplies and support staff you are used to having available in North America.

That’s why I finally put all of the advice I’ve handed out over the years into a single resource for budding international educators. My e-book, Teach Anywhere, provides you with the tools, information and lesson ideas you need to successfully teach in practically any school environment. Here are just a few of the tidbits you’ll find inside:

How to use basic materials like donated newspapers and phone books to create meaningful lessons and classroom activities.

A giant list of spelling practice activities you can put to use practically anywhere, at multiple grade levels.

Where to look for the legitimate international teaching positions you want.

Easy ideas for literature studies, and companion art projects to go with them.

As you can see, a great deal of thought and experience when into creating Teach Anywhere. Experience gained in classrooms around the world. If you’re interested in wielding your chalk holder in some of the more exotic locations the planet has to offer and enjoying the affordable travel opportunities you’ll have once you get there, then by all means purchase a copy of this book today.

Why wait to apply for the overseas gig you’ve been dreaming about for your entire career? Believe me, making an international move isn’t as impossible as you might think. Many people just like you do it every school year. Teach Anywhere shows you how, as well as how to succeed once you land your dream position.

I’m very excited about finally completing this resource and making it available for teachers. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Enjoy your travels!