Slower Travel Makes for More Magnificent Memories

This image of the Quito observatory, the oldest observatory in South America, was taken on a month-long trip to Ecuador. Whenever possible, my husband and I try to take as much time as we can to experience a particular location. [Read more...]

Working from Home Brings Flexibility and Lifestyle Shift

When many people achieve their dream of working from home, and begin to benefit from the scheduling flexibility it provides, they are unprepared for the lifestyle shift that occurs when one moves from a workplace position to a telecommuting situation. Here are just a few of the changes you can expect. [Read more...]

Palm Trees and Stargazing on Florida’s Longboat Key

A trip to Longboat Key, part of the greater Sarasota community, provides a sense of days gone by. With its quiet seaside atmosphere and intimately-sophisticated restaurant scene, it’s an ecological nature getaway for hardcore foodies. [Read more...]